Center for Food and Land Use

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The Center aims to conduct applied and fundamental economic research in the field of agricultural and land policy and prepare regular analytical reviews in key areas of agricultural and land policy of Ukraine.

The Center’s primary mission is to provide key stakeholders in the private and public sectors with quality analytics to ensure optimal data-driven decisions.

The Center studies the development of agri-food markets and value chains, focusing on food security issues and the economics of sustainable land use. The Center regularly conducts policy analyses of the proposed and imposed policy changes that affect the agricultural sector and the land market.

In cooperation with the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (Germany), the Center develops and strengthens the research capacity and deepens the international integration of Ukraine’s research institutions in the agri-food sector.

Key research areas:

• Land reform and land use economics

• Price formation in agri-food markets

• Integration of Ukraine’s agriculture in global supply chains

• Value chains development

• Ensuring food security

• Volatility and price hedging in agri-food markets

• Analysis of agri-food and rural development policies

• Economics of state support and taxation of the agri-food sector

• Market structures and competition in agri-food markets.

Our research:

Regular products:

  • Land Governance Review

– January 2022

– December 2021

– November 2021

– October 2021

– September 2021

  • Agricultural Support Review 

– November 2021

– October 2021