Decentralization and Communities Amalgamations: Increasing the Urban and Rural Divide?

The project is focused on the results of the decentralization reform for local communities in Ukraine. The first part (“Measuring tax efforts of Ukrainian ATCs”) is devoted to the modeling of the tax efforts of the Amalgamated territorial communities (ATCs) to determine the financial resource that the communities could additionally mobilize.

The second part of the study (“Ukrainian ATCs during RF full-scale invasion”) is an analysis of problems and coping strategies for overcoming the consequences and shocks of the RF full-scale invasion, as well as the links between tax efficiency prior to the war and the resilience of local communities during the invasion based on the results of the surveying of one third of all OTG and estimates from the first part of the project.

This project is supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Ukraine.

Project materials

1. “Measuring tax efforts of Ukrainian ATCs”

2. “Ukrainian ATCs during RF full-scale invasion”