Ukraine: Country Climate and Development Report. Study on Options for Mitigation of and Adaptation to Climate Change for Agriculture in Ukraine

Supported by the World Bank, Center for Food and Land Use Research (C4FLUR) conducted research on the role, benefits, and costs of application of climate smart technologies (CST) to agricultural production in Ukraine. The project aimed at reviewing impacts of CST on production of agri-food commodities and GHG emissions from agriculture, as well as the development of policy-specific recommendations to enhance country`s response to climate change.

Under the project, costs of action and of inaction, constraints to adaptation of CST and current public expenditure on agriculture in Ukraine were reviewed. Furthermore, comparative analysis of the CST (e.g., precision agriculture technologies, irrigation water-efficient technologies) with regards to their costs and impacts on GHG emissions was performed. The project was concluded with the development of specific policy recommendations on transformation of public expenditures to enhance the response of Ukraine’s agriculture to climate change.

Project presentation:

Ukraine Country Climate and Development Report: Agriculture