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and Land Use Research
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2023-2025 Development of a tool for assessing the resilience of agri-food systems and consumption during crises

2023-2024 Evidence based agricultural policy: global practices and proposal for Ukraine

2023-2024 Value chains analysis in the agricultural sector of Ukraine

2023-2024 Introduction of regular forecast assessments for the agricultural sector and expansion of the methodological base of the Center

2023-2024 Analysis of the socio-environmental responsibility of producers

2023-2024 Assessment of losses, damages, and needs of the agricultural sector due to the war

2023-2024 Financing of the agricultural sector

2023-2024 Business Survey “Business Pulse 2022. Ukraine”

2023 Environmental and Social Audit of Ukraine’s Agricultural Production in 2023

2023-2024 Determining the needs of agricultural statistics in Ukraine in response to wartime challenges and adaptation to EU requirements

2023 Current state and needs of Ukrainian small-scale agricultural producers, impact indicators, and determination of food security markers

2023 Grain terminal on the border of Ukraine and Poland – preliminary feasibility study

2022-2023 Assessment of food security and recovery needs in Ukraine


2022 Rapid Needs Assessment: Protecting Property Rights during and after the War in Ukraine

2022 Analysis of the Ukrainian agri-food market for effective implementation of the UN World Food Programme (WFP)

2022 Decentralization and Communities Amalgamations: Increasing the Urban and Rural Divide?

2022 Ukraine: Country Climate and Development Report. Study on Options for Mitigation of and Adaptation to Climate Change for Agriculture in Ukraine


2019-2021 Supporting Transparent Land Governance in Ukraine

2017-2020 UaFoodTrade

2015-2017 Project “Support for agricultural reforms and land relations in Ukraine”

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