Business Survey “Business Pulse 2022. Ukraine”

Since the beginning of the rf invasion of Ukraine, businesses have suffered over $13 billion in direct losses, including more than $6 billion in agriculture. Currently, efforts of the Ukrainian government and international partners are focused on achieving military superiority on the battlefield. However, the urgent need for post-war reconstruction and recovery underscores the critical importance of monitoring the state of businesses’ performance in the country. To address this need, the Agrocenter at Kyiv School of Economics, in partnership with the World Bank, has launched a project for high-frequency business checks to monitor the state of enterprises.

Project Implementation

The project has been designed to be carried out in several stages. The KSE Agrocenter, along with its partners, develops training materials for interviewers, ensures proper preparation and monitoring of the interview process, and quality of the collected data. To provide a high quality survey, we have performed a questionnaire and a system test with the pre-selected sample of the respondents, created the training materials, and developed a knowledge assessment system for over 40 interviewers.

Throughout the project implementation, our team is conducting ongoing monitoring of the activity and quality of the collected data. We track the interview duration, the number of completed surveys, and the overall level of interviewer engagement. In parallel, we have developed and implemented a data quality assurance system that identifies and tracks the number of data outliers, the completeness and integrity of the data by comparing economic indicators, for example, between enterprises of the same size working in the same sector.

Project Partners: VKURSI, Adelina 

Project Results at the end of the first wave of surveys

As part of the project, “Business support and post war reconstruction” events have been held to engage the stakeholders, ensure broad-based participation and to discuss the next steps in the analysis.