Determining the needs of agricultural statistics in Ukraine in response to wartime challenges and adaptation to EU requirements

It is vital to provide Ukraine not only with military and financial resources to liberate its territory and put an end to the 21st-century horror unleashed by Russia but also with the capability to implement policies that support agricultural producers during the war and contribute to sector recovery after victory. This capability is based, among other things, on the ability to make policy decisions based on data and facts. The more detailed and error-free the data is, especially when aggregated at the national level and disaggregated at the farm level, including information throughout the supply chain along with indicators of domestic and international trade, and if they are collected in a regular and systematic manner, the easier it is to analyze complex policy proposals.

Deoccupied and occupied territories, as well as areas significantly affected by military actions, require special assistance. Statistical data collection services, data, and the entire system must be configured to gather information from these territories for effective assistance.

The aim of this project is to develop proposals for improving agricultural statistics and data collection from the most affected regions.