Assessment of losses, damages, and needs of the agricultural sector due to the war and analysis of the socio-environmental responsibility of producers

The project aims to conduct a regular Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment (RDNA) using the World Bank methodology, as well as analyze the social and environmental responsibility of producers.

The Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment in agriculture is carried out to inform a wide audience and policymakers about compensation and recovery needs. Damage refers to the monetary value of tangible assets that have been destroyed (or stolen) or partially damaged (but still suitable for repair or restoration) due to military actions and occupation. Losses, on the other hand, represent the income not earned, such as from unplanted fields, lower yields, and increased production costs.

Measuring the social and environmental responsibility of agricultural producers provides information about compliance with legislation in the areas of ecology and labor rights, adherence to global production standards, as well as factors influencing compliance with environmental and social standards.