Rapid Needs Assessment: Protecting Property Rights during and after the War in Ukraine

On February 24, Russia conducted full-scale military invasion onto the territory of Ukraine. The russian army continues its occupation of the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, as well as active bombing of other territories. This leads to the destruction and damage of buildings, cultural monuments and infrastructure, contamination of the land with explosives, difficulties with the use of land and real estate, etc.

Within this project, the Center for Food and Land Use Research (KSE Agrocenter) analyzed the procedures of acquiring and registration of property rights for land and real estate and the infrastructure for supporting these processes, as well as reviewed the changes in this area that took place since the beginning of the war. The project aims at identification of the needs in public infrastructure to restore property rights quickly and efficiently after the end of the war. 


New America, a Washington D.C.-based think tank with programs on International Security, and the Future of Land and Housing, USA

Global Land Alliance (GLA), a think tank that promotes secure tenure around the world, USA

Project materials:

Protecting Property Rights during and after the War in Ukraine

A brief description of the project results can be found on the New America website.