MBA for State-Owned Enterprises

We invite the employees and heads of state-owned enterprises to acquire high-quality international education and invest their time in developing and acquiring first-class knowledge and skills needed to manage companies.

We want to build a modern management community that can transform state-owned enterprises into successful, transparent, efficient and profitable companies.


The program has gained the experience of the Kyiv School of Economics in similar projects and knowledge of the best teachers and experts in various business disciplines and was created specifically for state-owned companies.


The MBA program for the heads of state-owned enterprises aims to introduce modern standards of management, change the corporate culture and transform the state-owned enterprises into effective and competitive companies.


Program goals:

  • Facilitating the ongoing process of transforming state-owned enterprises into successful, transparent, efficient and profitable companies.
  • Support to the Government of Ukraine in selecting and developing new managers who will become the leaders in the transformation of state-owned enterprises. Selection and training of the top managers of state-owned enterprises and the formation of a “golden staff reserve” of the industry.
  • Clarification and promotion among selected managers of the concept of value creation through modern corporate governance technologies, effective operational management, capital market opportunities, and other modern administration approaches.
  • The exchange of international experience and best practices in the management and transformation of state-owned enterprises by inviting famous international experts, university professors, and practitioners.

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₴ 176400

Tuition fee

Tuition fee 2020-2021: UAH 176 400, quarterly installments during an academic year

Feel free to ask any questions about the program via:

Cell: Viber, WhatsApp +380 67 441 01 11

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