Corporate finance


In the modern corporation creating wealth for its shareholders is key to their operation and development.
Financial theory and models are closely linked with economic theory, because both are concerned with allocating resources. Accounting theory is concerned with the recording of the financial events of organizations and is therefore an important link between the financial and economic disciplines.

The aim of this teaching program is to provide opportunities to explore and develop an understanding of the financial principles and models which are fundamental to making informed decisions in organizations of different shapes, sizes and motives.

On completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • understand key financial principles and models applied to decision making;
  • identify and critically analyze the objectives of management of incorporated companies;
  • be aware of, and apply techniques of, capital investment appraisal and the generation of relevant cash flows;
  • use financial principles and models for managing working capital;
  • critically evaluate the issues relevant to financing business activity.


Duration: 8 weeks

Language: English

Cost of a course: ₴ 6000

Contacts: [email protected], 380674347175