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11.04.2019 | Announcing about PhD Summer School for the course «Writing scientific works for Agricultural Economics», which will be held on May 28-31, 2019 at Kyiv School of Economics. The deadline for applications is May 14, 2019. This course is part of the Summer School for Ph.D. Students in Agricultural Economics, organized as the pilot project on the sustainable internationalization of Ukraine’s research institutions in the context of the globalization of the Ukrainian agro-food sector (UaFoodTrade) by Kyiv School of Economics) and Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Development in Transition Economies in cooperation with the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development of the University of Goettingen, Germany.


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Stefan von Cramon-Taubadel. Language of school is English, participation is free. The cost of housing and road is covered by students.


Here you can find further information about the summer school. Applications can be submitted until 14 May 2019 via an online form on the website For more information, please go UaFoodTrade or text assistant project Valentyna Marusiak by mail [email protected].



03-17.03.2019 | German-Ukrainian Summer School in Agricultural Economics.



08.03.2019| Dr.Oleg Nivievskyi gave a comment in the “Skhemy” TV program on the activities of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences.



08.03.2019| On 3-17 March, 2019 Ph.D. students of the UaFood Trade Project Roman Neyter, Pavlo Martyshev and Oleksandr Donchenko participated in the German-Ukrainian Summer School in Agricultural Economics “Foundations of Agricultural Economics: Selected Topics” in IAMO (Halle, Germany). This Summer School included visits to the agricultural enterprises in Saxony-Anhalt, presentations of the research papers and one week of the course Foundations of Agricultural Economics delivered by Prof. Michael Grings.


PhD student Pavlo Martyshev presented his research on the impact of devaluation on Ukrainian meat import; PhD student Oleksandr Donchenko presented the research paper “The impact of the Russian agricultural import ban on domestic fresh apple market in Ukraine”; PhD student Roman Neyter presented the research on the effect of subsidies on farms’ exit decision in the framework of the Summer School, 3-17 March 2019.



14.03.2019| Dr.Oleg Nivievskyi gave a lecture on Land Markets and efficiency of usage of state land in the framework of the VoxConnector Editors’ club series of lectures on Land Reform for the journalists.



15.03.2019| Dr.Oleg Nivievskyi participated in the Panel discussion on the election programs (on agricultural policy) of the candidates for President of Ukraine position. The discussion was organized by the German-Ukrainian Agricultural Policy Dialogue.



26.03.2019| Dr.Oleg Nivievskyi participated in the discussion of the textbook on Agricultural Policy of Ukraine.  The discussion was organized by the German-Ukrainian Agricultural Policy Dialogue.



27.03.2019| Dr.Oleg Nivievskyi chaired the On-line session on Research on Land Markets in Ukraine. The session took place in the framework of the Annual World Bank Conference on Land Poverty “Catalyzing Innovation”. Two papers were presented, where Dr.Oleg Nivievskyi was a co-author.


14.02.2019| Roman Neyter, PhD student of the UaFood Trade Project, presented his research dedicated to the effect of subsidies on farms’ exit at Kyiv School of Economics research seminar.



07.02.2019| KSE.PhD student Pavlo Martyshev presented the research seminar “Does Currency Devaluation Increase Meat Import? An Empirical Evidence from Ukrainian Pork Industry”.



03.02.2019| Candidates applications for German-Ukrainian Summer School in Agricultural Economics: Selected Topics were considered by the Rating Board.


22.12.2018| Announcement about German-Ukrainian Summer School in Agricultural Economics “Foundations of Agricultural Economics: Selected Topics” from 3th to 17th of March, 2019.



It is organized by Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO), Halle, Germany in cooperation with Institute of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Halle, Germany, and Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), Kyiv, Ukraine, UaFoodTrade Pilot Project.


21.12.2018Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi gave the Interview on farmland moratorium and agriholdings to the LaScalA (Large Scale Agriculture) Project.



21.12.2018A note on Challenges to agricultural budget support policy (in English /German) by Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi was published in the Newsletter of the German Advisory Group.


Over the last years, Ukraine’s agri-food sector demonstrated resilient growth and developed into a key source of foreign exchange for the economy. In 2017 it accounted for 14.5% of GDP and more than 42% of total goods exports. This positive development came against a significant reduction in the volume of agricultural budget support over the recent years. The structure of the support also changed, moving from tax benefits to direct support in the form of input subsidies. However, the way the direct support programmes are designed and implemented, as well as the negative effects of input subsidies on efficiency and productivity, raise serious concerns about their sustainability and effectiveness. A more targeted and modern approach is needed in order to address the current major problems of the sector (shortage of workers and financial constraints) under severe fiscal constraints facing the country.


14.12.2018Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi made the presentation at the Policy Seminar on Reduced VAT Rate for Agri-Food Products

Presentation is available here.



03.12.2018|Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi published the article “How should the new agricultural budget support policy look like” in the business edition of the magazine Novoe Vremia.



29.11.2018 | Oleg NIvievskyi participated in the Panel Discussion on Agricultural Education at the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAC Agro Challenge initiative).


27.11.2018 | Oleksandr Donchenko gave the presentation “From weird to readable agro numbers with simple VBA” about Visual Basic for Application hits for agricultural trade descriptive analysis at Agri Discussion Club in the EducationUSA Ukraine.


25.11.2018 | Roman Neyter presented the lecture on the Basic Statistics and how Statistics can be used in the real life. The participants of the lecture discovered the basic properties of the normal distribution, the importance of variance in the uncertainty assessment and how to organize the discussion to increase the chances of avoiding irrelevant inferences.




16.11.2018 | Oleg NIvievskyi delivered the lecture on Economics of Agricultural State Support Policy in Ukraine for journalists in the framework of the Center of Excellence in Economic Journalism.


14.11.2018 | Oleg NIvievskyi presented the Policy Seminar on State Support in Agriculture. Slides of the seminar can be found here. YouTube recording of the seminar is available here.
7.11 – 11.2018 | Roman Neyter visited Berlin. This visit included the meetings with representatives of German Advisory Group Ukraine, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, German think tanks and representatives of the scientific circles. Apart from the meetings, Roman Neyter participated in lectures and discussions concerning modern economic ideas, among which – alternatives for the GDP, universal basic income and so on.



30.10.2018 | Oleg NIvievskyi participated in the discussion on the State Support Policy organized by the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation at InterAgro Exhibition.



25.10.2018 | Oleg NIvievskyi gave the presentation “Tax Incentives and Agricultural Productivity Growth in Ukraine” at the KSE research seminar.



24.10.2018 | Oleg NIvievskyi and Denys Nizalov presented Analysis of the New Economic Course of Yulia Tymoshenko in the area of agriculture and land governance. It is published in VoxUkraine.

18.10. 2018 | KSE Team of the Project met Prof. Harald von Witzke from Humbolt University of Berlin and Agritrade Ukraine project to discuss potential areas of cooperation and joint research and analytical work on important agri-food policy issues in Ukraine.



12.10. 2018 | Dr. Volodymyr Vakhitov gave a talk in the framework of the TEDsKSE conference.



8.10-13.10. 2018 | The Summer School for PhD students in Agricultural Economics.

Summer School for PhD students in Agricultural Economics in the frame of the pilot project UaFoodTrade opened its session at KSE with the Course “Household Behaviour: Theory and Applications”. Prof. Dr. Michael Grings from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Halle, Germany delivered the course “Household Behaviour: Theory and Applications”.

The participants of the course got certificates about successful completion and participation.



26.09.2018 | Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi published the article entitled “Individual Farming as the Cornerstone of Agricultural Development in Ukraine” on the Internet platform AgroPortal.



24.09.2018 | Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi presented the lecture on “Analytical skills and practical agricultural policy problems” within the framework of the APD Summer School 2018.



20.09.2018 | Kick-off meeting of UaFoodTrade projectReport on the kick-off meeting of UaFoodTrade project



20.09.2018 | Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi and PhD student Roman Neyter published the article entitled “The New Agricultural Support System in Ukraine: Who Really Benefits?



27.06.2018 | Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi was participant at the IAMO Forum 2018 and gave the presentation entitled “Revisiting farm structure development and productivity in Ukraine” (within the framework of the organized session A2: Asia and Europe).



01.05.2018 ǀ Dr. Sören Prehn joined the IAMO project team as a postdoc. He will be a member of the Working Group III “Agricultural Trade and Trade Scenarios”. The team was also expanded by the PhD students Maximilian Heigermoser and Olga Polonska. Maximilian Heigermoser will dedicate his research on market integration of agricultural and food markets in the Working Group I “Integration of markets and value chains”. Olga Polonska is interested in research questions on the structure and stability of trade relations between Ukraine and the EU.



19.03.2018 | Job interviews with the candidates of the UaFoodTrade project at the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), Ukraine, as well as filling the positions with Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi (Project Coordinator at KSE), Dr.Volodymyr Vakhitov (postdoc at KSE), Oleksandr Donchenko (PhD student), Roman Neyter (PhD student), Pavlo Martyshev (PhD student) and Valentyna Marusiak (Project Assistant).



19.03.2018 | Meeting with Prof. Dr. Verchenko, Academic Director of Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) in Kiev, Ukraine.



19.03.2018 | Talks on strategic cooperation with Dr. Olga Trofimtseva, Vice Minister for Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, and Dr. Alex Lissitsa, president of UCAB and CEO of Agroholding IMC, in Kiev, Ukraine.



Further information about the project can be found here.