Hanna Vakhitova

Assistant Professor


Hanna Vakhtiova (ORCID: 0000-0002-5138-0838) is an Assistant professor and a Senior Economist at Kyiv School of Economics (Ukraine) and a Visiting fellow at Syddansk Universitet (Denmark). Hanna’s main research interest are in migration economics (labour migrants, IDPs) with a focus on skills dimension and employment. 

Hanna Vakhitova has joined KSE in 2006. Up to the moment, for 16 years she has been teaching such courses as Public economics, Economics of Transition, Econometrics (Time Series, Panel data, and limited dependent variable models), analytics for marketing, and Research Methods in Economics.  

As a policy economists Hanna has participated in numerous projects (as a leader and as a team member) on migration and such related topics as education, health sector development, gender and well-being. Mrs. Vakhitova has over 18 years of experience in data analysis, impact evaluation and country studies for the World Bank, International Organization of Migration, International Labour Organization, European Training Foundation, European Union (Horizon 2020), and Ukrainian government. 

Hanna regularly publishes columns and gives interviews to the media.

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