Statistics and Econometrics III: Qualitative and Panel Data Analysis for Business


This course is a continuation of the econometrics classes in term I and II. Similar to previous terms it will provide students with the knowledge and analytical techniques needed to transform data into a source of competitive advantage for firms in different industries.

In this third miniterm, we will focus on marketing applications and discuss how to analyze different kinds of qualitative data (like whether or not a client buys something, or how satisfied a person is with a specific company product), how to combine datasets with several dimensions (for example, data from different companies who have been observed over several time periods).

We will also study what to do if you only observe a variable of interest for a part of the population of interest and how to group a lot of individuals into small groups (cluster analysis).

This course aims to provide an introduction to the above mentioned topics, both from a practical perspective (through econometric case studies) and from an academic perspective (through theory and references to the academic literature on these topics). Given the applied nature of this course, students should expect a substantial amount of (data) analysis.


Duration: 8 weeks

Language: English

Cost of a course: ₴ 6000

Contacts: [email protected], 380674347175