Enterpreneurship Program for ATO and JFO veterans

The Entrepreneurship Program the ATO Veterans is designed to help participants overcome fear and insecurity before opening their own business and entering new opportunities in a peaceful life.


The program of entrepreneurship for veterans of ATO and JFO is a 2.5 months training. As part of the course, participants will get to know the most effective business tools, learn how to create a business plan and present ideas to investors. The best projects will get microgrants. More than 100 participants who have together implemented nearly 50 projects are already graduates of last year’s programs.

The program consists of 10 modules, each of which consists of 1 academic day per week in the classroom and 1 academic day per week on-line.


Timeline of program implementation:

  • July – September 2019 (Kharkiv)
  • October – December 2019 (Mykolaiv)


Apply to participate in the program.

The program is implemented by the Kyiv School of Economics in collaboration with partner organizations and with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

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