Ukraine Economy Week


Ukraine Economy Week is a series of events organized by Kyiv School of Economics jointly with partners. The Week features multiple open discussions, highlighting different aspects of the future in the economy and the financial sector. There are public lectures and workshops by prominent academic, policy, and business speakers. Top speakers from the USA, Western and Eastern Europe join Week every year.

The UEW gathers regulators, international organizations, banking sector, corporations, SME, media and academia, and provides a platform for overarching public dialogue to analyze international best practices and shape the development agenda for the Ukrainian economy.

The Week takes place twice a year: in May, in cooperation with the National Bank of Ukraine and Visa, and in September, with the support of Investment Capital Ukraine. More than 4 000 people were reached with 13 events last year. Two big conferences and events with top governmental officials were aimed to enhance the level of financial literacy of Ukrainians and boost the economic discourse.

The objective of the Week is to promote a meaningful and inclusive discussion on economics that will lead to real change and development.