Ukraine Economy Week: Productivity


Ukraine Economy Week* is a series of events organized by Kyiv School of Economics semi-annually — in spring and autumn. For the second straight year the autumn week is organized in cooperation with ICU and centered around the international financial conference — Ukrainian Financial Forum in Odesa arranged by ICU. This year the Week is supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


This will be a fourth time Ukrainian economy will be in a focus of attention for a week. A week which will gather business, international organizations and experts, regulators, SME, academia, and opinion leaders and will provide a platform for overarching public dialogue to analyze international best practices and shape the development agenda for the Ukrainian economy. The week will feature debates and open discussions highlighting different aspects of productivity and economic development in Ukraine and outlining major points of leverage for economic growth. We will discuss productivity in a broad sense — in business, government, and academia from the individual to the national level. There will be public lectures by business speakers, prominent academics and policy makers. From September 17 to September 23 a crucial factor in production performance — Productivity will be in focus of attention. The objective of the Week is to promote a meaningful and inclusive discussion on economics that will lead to real thought change and development.






1. Get ready for the future today: current trends in international education


A combination of the Ukrainian context and European studying findings — this is what will be achieved by the new joint program of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Kyiv School of Economics. An additional feature of the program is an opportunity to get University of Houston diploma. But let’s talk more broadly: what trends characterize modern education, what knowledge should be obtained today to become a specialist for 5 years, whether it is important for Ukrainians to have a foreign diploma and whether the qualitative education stimulates “brain drain” — ask these questions to our speakers. About modern education will speak


Anders Paalzow, Rector, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

Tymofiy Mylovanov, Honorary President, Kyiv School of Economics After the event, the Memorandum of Understanding between the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Kyiv School of Economics will be signed.


Format: panel discussion of renowed speakers followed by signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Kyiv School of Economics


Location: 92-94 Dmytrivska street, 4th floor, 408 room


Date and Time: September 17, 2 – 3:30 PM


Language: English (without translation)


2. Opening. Ukrainian Reforms at a glance


The official launch of the Ukraine Economy Week. The event will be focused on academic and passionate, provocative and thought-provoking overview of the reforms development in Ukraine since 2014. The report prepared by analysts of the KSE will be presented only once and only for guests of the event and the guest of the UFF (Sept 20-21). A simple explanation of the most complicated processes.




Francis Malige, Managing Director for Eastern Europe and the Caucasus at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Sergiy Marchenko, Deputy Head of Presidential Administration

Grigoriy Ovcharenko, Director, Head of Local Asset Management, ICU

Tymofiy Mylovanov, Honorary President of Kyiv School of Economics


Format: interactive presentation/ debate between KSE, government, and representatives of international organizations


Location: mOre, 100 Velyka Vasylkivska street


Date and time: September 17, 7-9PM Language: English (without translation)


Media: invited Ticket price is 200 UAH




1. How to boost export and foster private sector driven economic growth in Ukraine? Analysis of Ukrainian manufacturing, agriculture and IT (MAIT) sectors


Interactive and insightful presentation of the report on challenges in unlocking the private sector’s potential and in developing a sustainable market economy in Ukraine prepared for the EBRD by KSE (Oleksandr Shepotylo, PhD, Kostyantyn Kravchuk, Nataliia Shapoval, Tetiana Tyshchuk).



Konstantine Kintsurashvili, Principal Regional Economist at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Tymofiy Mylovanov, Honorary President (KSE)

Nataliia Shapoval, Vice-President for Policy Research (KSE)


Format: presentations and discussion between KSE and EBRD


Location: 92-94 Dmytrivska street, 4th floor, 408 room


Date and time: September 18, 7-8 PM


Language: English




2. Top 5 Ways to Clean the Room during the Exams: Myths About Procrastination


Have you ever started cleaning your house before the exam? Have you postponed the decision to start something several times? Have you ever worked until morning? Maybe, you were looking for “motivation” or “inspiration” for hours to write a small text. Are you trying to learn multitasking? If you answered “yes” to at least one question, then you know what “procrastination” is. Everyone procrastinates, 25% of people are chronic procrastinators, and for all procrastinators, this leads to problems with finances, health, relationships, stress. We invite students and all who are interested to an open lecture by professor of KSE Volodymyr Vakhitov. Volodymyr received his Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky (USA). He is a specialist in econometrics and statistics, processing big data, he studies how to survive and become successful in a large modern city, and is interested in behavioral economics, so he knows why we think not the way we think that we think.


Format: open lecture


Date and time: September 19, 5 PM


Location: KSE, 92-94 Dmytrivska street


Language: Ukrainian


3. An open lecture by Hennadiy Chyzhykov “The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or Why Do Businesses Unite”


What pushes business to cooperation? Why do modern enterprises choose cooperation, not competition? The answer is complicated and simple at the same time — long-term strategies for success require such actions.


About the speaker: Gennadiy Chyzhykov is a President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Doctor of Economics, Honorary Consul of France in some regions of Ukraine, Honored Economist of Ukraine. Chyzhykov holds a doctor degree in Economics at Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Mykhailo Tugan-Baranovsky, earned a degree in Microeconomics at Université d’Anvers (Belgium).Mr. Chyzhykov is an expert in international economic relations, an author of many research papers, articles and interviews regarding export policy of Ukrainian entrepreneurs in the EU market. After the lecture there will be solemn signing of the Memorandum on cooperation between The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Kyiv School of economics.


Format: open lecture, singing of Memorandum of Cooperation


Date and time: September 19, 5 PM


Location: 92-94 Dmytrivska street, 4 floor, 408 room


Language: Ukrainian



4. Ukrainian Financial Forum. Day 1: Global and Ukraine Macro


Ukrainian Financial Forum (UFF) is the most influential financial event of this fall. It’s an open platform for discussion among prominent representatives of business, government, and financial and economic experts. The forum will three fantastic keynote speakers of the level that Ukraine has never seen before. They are internationally renowned. They are deep thinkers and serious economists. They are entertaining, provocative, and are great debaters. And, as an additional bonus, they will speak in Odessa. So, everyone of importance will be there. On the first day of the Forum representatives from leading developed markets, including China, the United States and the United Kingdom, will provide a benchmark for global economic performance. Later in the day, leading figures in the Ukrainian government and the country’s largest public and private businesses will put forward the outlook Ukraine. Format: international conference Date and time: September 20, 7:45 AM – 6 PM Location: Bristol, 15 Pushkinska St., Odesa Language: English Media: present Program is available here.




5. Ukrainian Financial Forum. Day 2: Ukraine’s financial markets making progress a reality


On the second day the Forum’s agenda will feature investment panels looking at, amongst other things, the development of the Ukraine’s capital markets, Ukraine’s opportunity in technological leadership, the future of cryptocurrencies, and Ukraine’s venture capital landscape. The day will conclude a panel on Ukraine’s startup success stories.


Format: international conference


Date and time: September 20, 7:45 AM – 6 PM


Location: Bristol, 15 Pushkinska St., Odesa


Language: English


Media: present Program is available here.


6. Financial system: how to organize it efficiently


We will close the Week with a public lecture by Bo Becker, the Gösta Olsson Professor of Financial Economics in the Department of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics, laureate of the Standard Life Prize for best paper in the ECGI Finance WP series, the Nordea Price for Best Corporate Finance Paper at the European Finance Association’s annual meeting and the Lamfalussy Research Fellowship from the European Central Bank. Format: open lecture Date and time: September 21, 7 pm – 8.30 pm Location: 92-94 Dmytrivska street, 4 floor, room 408 Language: English