Ukraine Economy Week: People. Finance. Innovations


“Ukraine Economy Week: People. Finance. Innovations” is a series of events organized by the Kyiv School of Economics jointly with ICU. The week is centered around two conferences – International Academic Conference “People Matter: Quality of Life and Wellbeing of Individuals, Families and Communities in Post-Transition Economies” in Kyiv and Ukrainian Financial Forum in Odesa. 


This will be a second time Ukrainian economy will be in a focus of attention for a week. A week, which will gather regulators, international organizations, banking sector, corporations, SME, and academia and will provide a platform for overarching public dialogue to analyze international best practices and shape the development agenda for the Ukrainian economy.


The week will feature debates and open discussions highlighting different aspects of economic development in Ukraine and outlining major points of leverage for economic growth. There will be public lectures by prominent academic, policy, and business speakers. From September 11th to September 22th three pillars of economy – People, Finance, Innovations, – will be discussed from different sides by prominent representatives of business, government, and expert community on the intellectual platform of the UEW. From the clash of opinions emerges the truth. From the intellectual discussion emerges impact. Join us for that discussion!




1. The official launch of the Ukraine Economy Week


Format: an interactive presentation, discussion, and auction
Location: FedorivHub, 5, Velyka Vasylkivs’ka str.

Timing: September 11, 18.00-21.00

The official launch of the Ukrainian Economy Week. The event will feature (1) an exclusive report prepared by the Kyiv School of Economics on the progress of reforms in Ukraine, (2) a discussion of the economics of regulation of cryptocurrencies, (3) an announcement of the Center of Excellence in Business Journalism by the KSE and VoxUkraine supported by ICU, Visa, and KyivStar, (4) a launch of the annual scholarship fundraising campaign, including a celebrity auction.


2. People Matter: Quality of Life and Wellbeing of Individuals, Families and Communities in Post-Transition Economies


Format: international conference
Location: Hotel “Hilton”, 30 Tarasa Shevchenka blvd, Kyiv

Timing: September 14-15, 09:00-18.30

Details and program

This is the first conference in the region which will bring together researchers from around the world who have been studying population well-being and its various aspects in post-socialist countries during the transition period and beyond. The conference will also feature a rich policy program with panel discussions focussing on the wellbeing implications of such matters as youth labour market exclusion and forced migration, health reform, pension reform and land reform in the context of Ukraine. Among the speakers, there will be Klaus Zimmermann, Bonn University, Sergei Guriev, EBRD, Edward C. Norton, University of Michigan, School of Public Health, Feng Zhao, World Bank.



3. Better Governance through Access to Public Information: UK Experience for Ukraine


Format: public discussion

Kyiv School of Economics, 92-94 Dmytrivska srt., Kyiv

Timing: September 18, 14:00-16.00

The right to access public information is known to be an integral part of good governance. It strengthens a cooperation between government and society making policy process transparent and inclusive. Designing the right procedures aimed at encouraging citizens’ involvement into decision making happens to be a challenging process due to a low capacity of current civil service undergoing transformation itself.


4. Procurement & Trends Conference (PTC)


Format: public discussion
Location: Kyiv School of Economics, 92-94 Dmytrivska srt., Kyiv

Timing: September 19, 17:00-20.00

Procurement & Trends Conference will provide a unique insight into the latest innovations and technologies for senior procurement, supply chain and finance executives. PTC provides a highly time-effective platform to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, market trends and hot topics.


5. Ukrainian Financial Forum (Odesa)


Format: international conference
Location: Hotel “Bristol”, 15 Pushkinska St., Odesa

Timing: September 21-22

Details and program

Ukrainian Financial Forum (UFF) is the most influential financial event of this fall. It’s an open platform for discussion among prominent representatives of business, government, and financial and economic experts. The forum will three fantastic keynote speakers of the level that Ukraine has never seen before. They are internationally renowned. They are deep thinkers and serious economists. They are entertaining, provocative, and are great debaters. And, as an additional bonus, they will speak in Odessa. So, everyone of importance will be there.


6. Economic Freedom Forum


Format: international conference
Location: 50 Antonovycha str., Kyiv

Timing: September 22

The first Economic Freedom Forum, organized by Bendukidze Free Market Center, is a unique opportunity to learn more about the importance of economic freedom, its limits in Ukraine and ways of removing them. The event will feature panel discussions with leading economists, activists and entrepreneurs that will focus the implications of economic freedom for the developing world, private initiative as the driver of change, premature welfare state and the Ukraine’s reality. The attendees will have a chance to listen to Michael Walker (Fraser Institute), Fred McMahon (Fraser Institute), Robert Lawson (Southern Methodist University), James Gwartney (Florida State University), Andrei Illarionov (Cato Institute) and many other exciting speakers.