International Trade Research Center


In 2019 KSE in cooperation with GIZ launched the Trade+, International Trade Research Center that is primarily focused on the issues of fostering Ukrainian exports and supporting the evidence-based implementation of the Export Strategy (Roadmap for Strategic Development of Trade) of Ukraine for 2017-2021. 


Key research expertise:

  • Bilateral trade
  • Trade under WTO
  • Global economic developments and foreign trade
  • Macroeconomic policy and trade
  • Innovation and productivity growth for export promotion, etc.


Mission of Trade+

  • Driving evidence based Trade of the XXI Century
  • Promoting Ukraine’s strategic and proactive stance vis-à-vis current global economic trends
  • Promoting and enabling Ukraine-centered trade policy making 
  • Supporting and building strategic alliances with Ukrainian businesses who share our vision
  • Providing access to the institutionalized knowledge on trade and capacity building among local stakeholders
  • Building strategic alliances with think tanks at the focus countries.