Join Kyiv School Of Economics To Provide Direct Humanitarian Aid For Ukraine


Prior to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we were raising funds for education, now to save lives. So far, we have focused on three main areas:


Help medics. Our goal is to provide 307 thousand first aid kits for the seriously injured, which is 10% of all the needs of the Ministry of Health. In addition, we are starting to supply vehicles to evacuate the victims.


Assistance to the military. We continue to provide our defenders with the necessary equipment – helmets and vests. We also help with the form and other things on request. We are working on the purchase and repair of off-road vehicles in hot spots.


Assistance to civilians. We now support those who have suffered the horrors of Russian aggression in the Kyiv region. Water, food, basic necessities – all this is extremely necessary today. We are also working on the establishment of medical and psychological care centers.


The KSE Foundation works with government agencies, Territorial Defenders, regulators, as well as other charities and the international community.


We work with your support, and we strive to be completely transparent in our work. There will be a monthly audit of the fund’s activities, which will ensure the effectiveness of the use of funds.


“Because of the war in Ukraine, people are dying and suffering every day. We are doing everything possible to reduce the number of victims and the victims to receive the necessary assistance. Each helmet and bulletproof vest is an opportunity to save the lives of our heroes, the first aid kit can save several at once. And you can also contribute to saving the lives of Ukrainians and all those who stand for Ukraine today,” – said Svitlana Denysenko, Director of the KSE Foundation.


Together, we have raised and donated more than $18 million. We thank everyone who supported our charity initiative. But we need to do much more and not stop until we win and completely rebuild the country.


It is possible to support KSE Foundation financially according to the details:

Charitable organization “Kyiv School of Economics” Charitable Foundation

IBAN UA133005280000026004201358463, MFI 300528 in OTP Bank JSC

USREOU identification code: 35133288

Non-profit organization (sign of non-profit) 0036


Contribution page: https://kse.ua/donation/


More information about our charitable initiative and the results of our work can be found at the link https://kse.ua/we-save-lives/

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