We are calling for the global society to fight against Putin’s crimes in Ukraine

We are calling for the global society to fight against Putin’s crimes in Ukraine:

1. Urgent military support, including air dome system and extensive support with defence equipment
2. International courts to condemn Putin and adopt procedures to sentence Putin for crimes against humanity
3. Disclose to Russian people bank data and intelligence about political and business elites
4. Block SWIFT.
5. Block airlines, sea cargo and passenger companies, block access to ports for Russian companies
6.Freeze sales of international companies in Russia,
7. Social networks to ban communication of Russian government.
8. Impose personal sanctions on Russian politicians and oligarchs, former European and US politicians who openly support Putin in the media. Freeze foreign money accounts of Russia
9. S&P and other agencies to reduce the rankings of Russia and Russian business to the level of junk
10. Impose 10Eur /barrel sanction on Russian oil. Diversify away from Russian gas

Today is a decisive day for Europe. Russia is trying to take Kyiv, the capital of independent Ukraine. The next 48 hours will be key. We call allied leaders of the free world to stand with us!

– bring portable anti-aircraft missile systems, missiles for portable anti-tank missile systems, bulletproof helmets and combat armoured vehicles to protect Ukrainian President, Government, parliament and population
– bring supplies of fuel now!
– protect transportation channels through sea and roads (for fuel and for food and military and other staff)

Hear us out! It is very important for us now that #NATO closes the sky (as in Israel) from planes, rockets, helicopters.
Help us with the sky! On earth we can do it ourselves!!!
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