Economics in action: markets & consumers analysis

This course will show all the economic factors underlying the pricing of goods and services, as well as show how markets work, how consumers behave, how to estimate and forecast demand. In the course, you will learn about practical and theoretical models and methods that are needed to set prices that maximize your profits



Target audience:


  • specialists of marketing and sales departments;
  • small and medium business entrepreneurs;
  • specialists of planning and economic departments;
  • market analysts;
  • sales analysts;
  • product managers.


At the course you will be taught: 


  • apply knowledge of economics to make better pricing decisions;
  • identify different types of costs and their impact on production and pricing decisions;
  • analyze the consumer choice process and its consequences for optimal pricing;
  • calculate different types of price elasticity to determine the effect of price on demand and income;
  • estimate demand functions based on statistics;
  • find opportunities for price discrimination (sell the same product at different prices to different buyers) and recommend strategies to maximize sales and profits.


Course instructors – professors of Kyiv School of Economics.


Duration and course format:


  • 7 evening modules for 3 hours – 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
  • homework + exam (online test)
  • Ukrainian language

Upon completion of the course, each participant will receive a certificate.




  • full cost – 6250 UAH
  • parts payment: 50% of the full cost before the start of the course + 50% inside the course – 3075 UAH + 3075 UAH
  • price for a separate module (one evening – 3 hours of classes) – 1100 UAH
  • special price for the KSE community – for all participants and graduates of medium and masters programs of the Kyiv School of Economics – 5000 UAH


More course & payment details:

Vitalii Zaiets, Programs Manager: [email protected], Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp – 380672174575

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₴ 6250