Elena Besedina

Ph.D., Bocconi University, KSE Assistant Professor


Elena Besedina is an Assistant Professor and Senior Researcher at Kyiv School of Economics.

Elena received her Ph.D. in Economics at Bocconi University in 2008 and Master’s degree in Public administration and International Development at Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (now Harvard Kennedy School), in 2003. She was a recipient of the Joint Japan and World Bank scholarship that was used to finance her studies at Kennedy School of Government.

Elena’s focus is on policy-relevant research and analysis in the area of international trade, political economics and development economics. Elena Besedina is an Editor of the Baltic Journal of Economics and a member of the editorial board of the Trade+ Research Center at KSE. She also serves occasionally as a short-term consultant for the World Bank.


Academic Publications and working papers:

Going beyond the first child: analysis of Russian mothers’ desired and actual fertility Patterns,” (joint with Victoria Levin and Tami Aritomi). Policy Research Working Paper Series 7643, The World Bank.

Technical barriers to trade and SPS measures and exports dynamics”, NUPI Working paper 842

Beggar Thy Neighbor? Application of SPS measures by the Russian Federation and Case Study: The Impact of the Russian Import Ban on Ukrainian Confectionary Producers”, (joint with Tom Coupe), NUPI Working Paper: 840.

“The Political Economy of Labor Reform in Ukraine: Does Accountability Matter?”, Final report for the project

Exporting, Productivity and Government Interventions: Is There a Link?”, KSE/KEI Discussion paper #28

Exploring International Trade from Below: A Survey of Firm Heterogeneity and Productivity Dynamics”, (joint with Carlo Altomonte) Micro-Dyn Working paper No 01/07.

Transactions in Transition: To Barter or Not To Barter? (joint with Janusz Szyrmer) in Ukraine: Monetizing a Transition Economy, Kyiv, 2000


Courses taught at KSE: 

International Trade and Policy (EA), Macroeconomics IV (EA), Research Workshop IV (EA)

Microeconomics I and II (BFE), Statistics and Econometrics I (BFE), Business Research Workshop I and II (BFE)


Past Projects

Leadership in Economic Governance (USAID)

Improving Transparency and Effectiveness of Public Procurement in Ukraine through Cooperation with Civil Society (EBRD/PTF)

Non-tariff barriers, food safety and international food trade (Research Council of Norway/NUPI)

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Development Program in Ukraine (USAID)

The Political Economy of Labor Market Reform in Transition and Emerging Economies (Volkswagen Foundation/IZA)