The scholarship exam for master’s programs in economics at KSE is on March, 17th

The scholarship exam for master's programs Economic Analysis and Business and Finance Economics for the 2019/2020 academic year will be held on March, 17.


What scholarships are available for 2019/2020 academic year?

Kyiv School of Economics provides scholarships that cover 80% -100% of the tuition fee and the grant Talents from regions. For Economic Analysis program, KSE provides up to 45 scholarships, for Business and Finance program number is up to 3 scholarships.

How to get a scholarship?

  1. Submit documents by March 14.
  2. Pass scholarship exam on March 17.
  3. Get the decision of a student-distribution commission about the received type and size of the scholarship.

What documents should I submit?

  1. Application form
  2. Cover letter (in English)
  3. Two letters of recommendation (in Ukrainian or English)
  4. Transcript from the grade book (can be taken at your university) or a copy of the bachelor’s diploma and a transcript to it if you have already completed your studies
  5. 4 photos 3 cm x 4 cm
  6. Copy of passport and identification code
  7. Other documents you consider necessary, such as your publications, awards, test results (GRE, TOEFL, IELTS), etc.

All documents may be submitted online (submit) or personally in Kyiv School of Economics (Dmytrivska St. 92-94, office 404, ask Maxim Golovin)


How does the exam take place?

This is a comprehensive exam, which checks the knowledge and motivation of the applicant. The exam will be held due to the following schedule:

10.00-11.20 – Mathematics (written) (maximum 30 points)

11.30-12.50 – Economics (written) (maximum 30 points)

13.00-13.30 – English (written) (maximum 10 points)

from 14.00 – interview (in English) (maximum 30 points)

So, you can get a maximum of 100 points at the exam.


What topics will be included in the exam, see the link to read in details – Scholarship exam.

We advise you to solve tasks of previous years to prepare for the exam. They are available here – Examples of previous years.


How will scholarships be distributed?

When applying for scholarship, the applicant has to choose the type of scholarship he applies:

    • Merit-based. This scholarship will be given to applicants who receive the highest number of points on the exam on March 17. The scholarship covers 80% -100% of tuition fee.
    • Need-based. The scholarship will be given to applicants who successfully pass the exam and submit documents confirming their financial need (provide cover letter for receiving a need-based scholarship, a family certificate, a family income certificate). The scholarship covers 80% -100% of tuition fee.


  • Both (merit-based + need-based). The scholarship is given to applicants who receive high number of points on the exam and demonstrate financial need (provide a cover letter for receiving a social scholarship, a family certificate, a family income certificate). The scholarship covers 100% of tuition fee. Also with a decision of the financial assistance committee, student may be provided with additional accommodation and/or monthly scholarship.

  • Grant “Talents from regions”. Applicants who have received bachelor’s degree in universities outside of Kyiv and who do not have Kyiv registration. For that one has to pass the exam on March 17 successfully, and confirm the financial need (by submitting a cover letter for receiving a social scholarship, a family certificate, a family income certificate ‘s) The scholarship covers 100% of tuition fee, free accommodation in the hostel, and monthly scholarship for the student.


Applicants applying for a need-based scholarship and a “Talents from regions” grant will be invited for an interview with the financial department, and a decision about grant or a scholarship will be made after that.


We are asking the applicants to take a responsible look at the choice of the type of scholarship and choose a need-based only if there is a financial need. If you have the opportunity to pay for your living expenses yourself, please leave this scholarship for those students who may not be able to study at Kyiv School of Economics because of some circumstances.


The financial support committee will decide the distribution of scholarships between applicants depending on the results of the entrance exam, consideration of a package of documents and information from patrons about available scholarships. The decision to give the scholarship will be announced by March 31.


If you have any questions about the exam, submitting documents or studying, please contact Natalia Zaika, Head of the Student Recruitment Department at [email protected] or by phone 067 434 71 63 (also Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp). Join Telegram group Admission 2019 to follow the news and not to miss any important tips for exam preparation: