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MA in Economics Analysis

Entrance exams take place in the summer on dates set by the admission campaign schedule. Applicants must pass an exam in economics in the form of an interview, and English (if they have not passed the Unified Entrance Exam).




Applicants are interviewed in English by two KSE professors. Interviewers mostly ask questions about the applicant’s educational and professional experience, his / her future career plans, check command of English, as well as the level of familiarity with the curriculum of the KSE master’s program. The documents submitted by the applicant may also be discussed during the interview.


Two tips for preparing for an interview:


  1. Check out the KSE program. See which courses are taught in the first and second years of study. All course names and their content are available on our website. Unfortunately, some students only find out during an introductory interview that the economics taught at KSE is radically different from the economics taught in most undergraduate programs in Ukraine.
  2. Follow the events in the country and the world. It is very important that the applicant is aware of the economic situation and recent socio-economic events.


To prepare yourself for the economics questions we recommend you to read an introductory textbook in economics (preferably in English): McConnell, Brue, Flynn. Principles of Economics. McGraw-Hill publishing (any edition you can find).


For preparation in Math we recommend online courses:



Examples of the KSE General Scholarship Test from previous years:


2018: Exam in Mathematics 2018, Exam in Economics 2018

2017: Exam in Mathematics 2017, Exam in English 2017, Exam in Economics 2017

2016: Exam in Economics 2016, Exam in Mathematics 2016

2015: Exam in Economics 2015, Exam in Mathematics 2015, Exam in English 2015

2013: Exam in Economics 2013, Exam in Mathematics 2013, Exam in English 2013

2012: Exam in Economics 2012, Exam in Mathematics 2012, Exam in English 2012

2011: KSE General Admission Test 2011

2010: Exam in Economics 2010 variant 1, Exam in Economics 2010 variant 2, Exam in Mathematics 2010 variant 1, Exam in Mathematics 2010 variant 2, Exam in English 2010 variant 1, Exam in English 2010 variant 2


Preparatory courses


Every spring, before the scholarship exams, KSE conducts preparatory courses in mathematics and economics. Details about enrolling in courses in 2021 will be announced later to all potential applicants on our pages and in the official Telegram-channel of the admission campaign.

We will be happy to answer all your questions: