Preparatory tools

MA in Economics Analysis

Please use these resources and preparatory tools to test your knowledge and prepare for the future studies. Applicants are also welcomed to visit and use the KSE Library.

Examples of the KSE General Scholarship Test from previous years:

2018: Exam in Mathematics 2018, Exam in Economics 2018

2017: Exam in Mathematics 2017, Exam in English 2017, Exam in Economics 2017

2016: Exam in Economics 2016, Exam in Mathematics 2016

2015: Exam in Economics 2015, Exam in Mathematics 2015, Exam in English 2015

2013: Exam in Economics 2013, Exam in Mathematics 2013, Exam in English 2013

2012: Exam in Economics 2012, Exam in Mathematics 2012, Exam in English 2012

2011: KSE General Admission Test 2011

2010: Exam in Economics 2010 variant 1, Exam in Economics 2010 variant 2, Exam in Mathematics 2010 variant 1, Exam in Mathematics 2010 variant 2, Exam in English 2010 variant 1, Exam in English 2010 variant 2

KSE Library:

The library is located at the KSE premises (Dmytrivska St, 92-94) and is open to all KSE applicants in preparation to admissions. Applicants may use the library resources free of charge while remaining in the KSE facilities.

For preparation in Math we recommend online courses:

To prepare yourself for the economics we recommend you read an introductory textbook in economics (preferably in English):
McConnell, Brue, Flynn. Principles of Economics. McGraw-Hill publishing. (Any edition you can find)