The Battle for Trust: Modern Challenges for Business and Regulators in the Era of Post-Truth

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Open economies grow faster and have more spread of technology and ideas, but the erosion of public trust and the persistence of economic uncertainty have opened the door to mistrust and isolationism, from state, companies, and individuals. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 2017 was the first time the study found a decline in trust across all four of the institutions –  business, media, government, and NGOs.


In the age of post-truth, political and societal turbulence, the only certainty is uncertainty – that is where the “need for effective corporate communications” comes in. But what is the essence of the corp comm: media relations, public relations, crisis communication, B2H, or all the above mentioned? What are the best government and corporate communication practices? And is there any difference between them? Their points of view on these and other questions, as well as their insights of successful and credible communications in private and public sector, will share with the audience the high-profile speakers.


Language: Ukrainian without translation.


Ukraine Economy Week: Financial Futurism is a series of events organized by Kyiv School of Economics jointly with the National Bank of Ukraine and Visa. The Week is centered around the Annual Research Conference of the National Bank of Ukraine organized in cooperation with Narodowy Bank Polski. The focus of the Week is the future of finance in its multiplicity of dimensions. Full list of events: