Mathematics for Business and Economics II


In this mini-term we will study necessary prerequisites for optimization theory and introduction to static optimization. We will also introduce the concepts of level curves and surfaces vs. level sets, and discuss the curvature issues of various functions. We will consider both unconstrained and constrained optimization problems. We will finalize the course with comparative static and envelope theorems.

The prerequisites for this course include a standard course in calculus, ability to take derivatives of functions of two variables, as well as understanding simple 3D geometry.

To excel in this course, I urge you to read in advance, as this helps acquire the primary acquaintance with important concepts and definitions prior to the lecture. Doing regular home assignments is another important factor for succeeding the course.

If you start feeling that you are lagging behind, set up an appointment with me, and we together may work out your individual learning strategy. Here’s another good hint: find a partner and work in pairs or small study groups. Usually group work provides much better results than solitary efforts.

As a general policy, I do not allow any active using of telephones, tablet, laptops or any other similar equipment during my lectures.