Submit a Research/Paper

KSE is launching weekly Research and Policy seminars to create an ongoing professional discussion of the newest economic research (including work in progress) and topical economic policy issues. On this page, you can find information on how to submit your paper.

At the seminars, presenting researchers and policy-makers will receive competent feedback on their research or policy initiatives, while listeners will have an opportunity to learn and develop new ideas. Seminars will last for 1 hour 15 minutes.


Research seminars will be held on Thursdays at 15.30 (occasionally day and time may change depending on the schedule of invited speakers). Research seminars invite professors, MA and PhD students to provide and get feedback on their latest research or work in progress. Seminars related to macroeconomic, monetary policy and the banking sector will be organized jointly with the National Bank of Ukraine.


If you are willing to present your paper at a seminar, please send the paper to Oleg Nivievskyi ([email protected]) and Sergii Kiiashko ([email protected]) at least four weeks before the planned presentation indicating “KSE research seminars” in the letter subject. If your paper is approved for presentation, you will be informed about available time slots.


At a research seminar, presentation will last for up to 50 minutes followed by 25 minutes of Q&A/discussion. Seminars will be routinely held in English although exceptions are possible.


Policy seminars will be held on Wednesdays at 17.00 (occasionally day and time may change depending on the schedule of invited speakers). Policy seminars invite policy-makers, representatives of NGOs, think tanks, business, experts and everyone interested in the development and implementation of economic and social policies.


If you are willing to present a policy paper or to discuss a policy case – please contact Ilona Sologoub ([email protected]) and Taras Doroniuk ([email protected]) indicating “KSE policy seminars” in the letter subject and attaching your paper or describing a policy problem and/or proposed solution. You then will be contacted to discuss your suggestion.


Policy seminars will provide up to 30 minutes (up to 40 minutes with more than one speaker) for presentation followed by 35 to 45 minutes of Q&A and discussion. Policy seminars are held mostly in Ukrainian – please check the schedule for exact information.