Internship opportunity at the Center for Excellence in Economic Journalism 

August 27, 2019

For the first time the Center for Excellence in Economic Journalism at KSE (CEEJ) is launching an internship program. We plan to select only four interns in 2019, successful candidates will be selected upon competition. 


We’re looking for:

The person who considers journalism to be an important part of life. Adheres to professional standards and strives for self-development. Candidate can be both a student or/and a person with extensive experience in journalism. Intern is expected to devote at least four hours a week for the internship during September-December 2019.

What you’ll get:

  • Opportunity to attend the events of the Center for Excellence in Economic Journalism, including private ones, as a free listener without the obligation to attend all lectures and to do assignments, but without the right to receive a certificate for training.
  • Certificate of completion of the internship, indicating the date, time and the list of activities.
  • On-demand recommendations for employment, grants or training.

What is expected:

The internship program involves participation in one of three projects to choose from:

  • Online Center’s Alumni Surveys throughout all years (more than 130 journalists): developing a survey in collaboration with sociologists, conducting a survey, analyzing data, writing reports and presenting results.
  • Organize translation of NYT Data Training Materials in Ukrainian: work with volunteers, find new volunteers, collect and review translations, if necessary, translate, save to GitHub, correspondence with NYT, and translate presentation.
  • Your idea of ​​a project you would like to make based on the Center (media research, crowdfunding, writing a media grant, developing a workshop or a whole training course, etc.).

Internship duration:

Registration for the internship program – until September 1. On September 15, we will announce the names of the interns. We will be awarding our internship certificates on December 21st. Trainees must spend at least four hours per week completing the internship.



Head of Center for Excellence in Economic Journalism at KSE Andrii Ianitskyi

050 695 95 37, [email protected]