KSE Foundation announces a fundraiser for safe shelters for 100 Ukrainian schools

9 September 2022

On September 1, 2022, 4 million Ukrainian school children went back to school. However, as a result of intentional bombing and shelling by the Russian invaders, 2461 Ukrainian educational institutions were damaged, 284 of them were destroyed.

Despite all the horrors of the war, children must learn. Education is an investment in our future, and we must give this future to the following generations.

With the assistance and support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, KSE Foundation announces a fundraiser to equip modern and safe shelters for Ukrainian schools. The goal of our joint campaign is to provide 100 Ukrainian schools with safe and high quality bomb shelters.

To set up a shelter in one school, we need $10 000. In total, our goal is to raise $1 million. For this reason, we strive to attract a significant part of this amount during the charity dinner in the Harvard Club of New York, on September, 17. 

We open the application process for Ukrainian  schools. We guarantee that all standards of transparency and accountability will be applied to the current project, and all expenses will undergo a proper external audit. Among the applicants, we will select 100 schools who most urgently need the help. The type and the amount of assistance will depend on the evaluation submitted.

Anyone can join the fundraiser. And we believe in the support of our friends and philanthropists. Together we can protect children and give them a chance for a happy future.

More about the initiative: https://kse.ua/support/safe-education/