Academic seminar "The building blocks of economic networks" by Frank Takes

1/28/2021 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM ISST

Kyiv School of Economics invites to attend an academic seminar "The building blocks of economic networks" by Frank Takes, Leiden University. The seminar will be held in English online via Zoom. To get a link please register below.

Date&Time: Thursday, January 28, 17:00 (Kyiv time).

About the speaker.  Frank Takes is an Assistant Professor at Leiden University. His main fundamental research interest is computational network science. He focuses on methods and algorithms for knowledge discovery from (social) network data. Frank also works on real-world applications, e.g., corporate networks, networks in economics, finance, science, infrastructure and online media. He teaches courses on data science, process mining, competitive programming and social network analysis.

Abstract. Is the financial sector making our global economy more and more complex? What can we learn from small micropatterns of social and economic interaction in corporate networks? Network analysis combined with relevant firm interaction data is frequently used to answer these types of questions. In this talk, we explore so-called meso-level patterns in socio-economic networks. In particular, we look at what we can learn from network motifs: small microstructures of a handful of nodes and edges that surprisingly frequently occur in the network. We discuss recent advances on methods for discovering these motifs in both multilayer and dynamic networks. With these techniques we ultimately aim to unveil the basic building blocks of the underlying networks and get a better understanding of the complex interactions taking place in an economic system.

This seminar is enabled by the financial support from Sweden.

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