Academic seminar "Job market effects of COVID-19 on urban Ukrainian households" by Maksym Obrizan

10/1/2020 at 5:00 PM ISST

We are pleased to invite to the academic seminar "Job market effects of COVID-19 on urban Ukrainian households" by Maksym Obrizan to be held on October 1 at 17:00. 

Maksym Obrizan holds a position of Associate professor at KSE and of Senior Economist at KEI. He is the author of numerous academic publications in both national and foreign editions which are related to his scientific interests focused on Applied Health Economics and Macroeconomics. Maksym also serves as an Academic Director of KSE Business Education Department, who’s main responsibility is to assure the quality of all degree programs at Business Education Department. He received his PhD in Economics at the University of Iowa in 2010 having previously received Master’s degree with honours in Economics at EERC at NaUKMA.

The employment status of billions of people has been affected by the COVID epidemic around the Globe. New evidence is needed on how to mitigate the job market crisis, but there exists only a handful of studies mostly focusing on developed countries. We fill in this gap in the literature by using novel data from Ukraine, a transition country in Eastern Europe, which enacted strict quarantine policies early on. We model four binary outcomes to identify respondents (i) who are not working during quarantine, (ii) those who are more likely to work from home, (iii) respondents who are afraid of losing a job, and, finally, (iv) survey participants who have savings for 1 month or less if quarantine is further extended. Our findings suggest that respondents employed in public administration, programming and IT, as well as highly qualified specialists, were more likely to secure their jobs during the quarantine. Females, better educated respondents, and those who lived in Kyiv were more likely to work remotely. Working in the public sector also made people more confident about their future employment perspectives. Although our findings are limited to urban households only, they provide important early evidence on the correlates of job market outcomes, expectations, and financial security, indicating potential deterioration of socio-economic inequalities.

This seminar is enabled by the financial support from Sweden.

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