Oleksandr Zayoma

Public speaking and presentation skills coach, speechwriter, English teacher

Oleksandr has got 13-years experience in education and 15-years in public speaking. He used to teach English to corporate clients and give one-to-one classes and also to host various corporate events and parties. Oleksandr works with the leading international and Ukrainian companies, among them are Microsoft, Deloitte, Vodafone, PWC, BakerMcKenzie, MacPaw, Readdle, Credit Agricole Bank, Competera and others.

Certificated with CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Prize winner in numerous reciter contests. Elocution coach in X-factor-3 in Ukraine.

Master’s degree in Economics at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.


Preparatory course
Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Negotiations, Leadership, Storytelling, Academic Writing

In today’s world, communication and presentation skills are one of those that determine our professionalism. 

Achieving goals in business meetings, negotiations, presentations as well as career growth are to a great extent the outcomes of mastering these skills. It is much easier to build trust, persuade and create an appropriate impression of oneself and one’s company if you are a good communicator and speaker.  

This course is an opportunity to become better aware of what’s going on with us while we are speaking and how to make good use of our body language and speech to make communication beneficial and pleasant both for the speaker and listener.