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About FREE Network

Kyiv School of Economics is a partner in the FREE Network – Forum for Research on Eastern Europe and Emerging Economies. It is a joint initiative by SITE (Stockholm), BEROC (Minsk), BICEPS (Riga), CEFIR at NES (Moscow), CenEA (Szczecin), ISET (Tbilisi) and KSE (Kyiv). Together, these research institutes form an extensive network of leading academic experts on economic issues in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The institutes also conduct research about development, emerging markets, as well as economics in general. By publishing the weekly FREE Policy Brief Series, these institutes provide short and informative analyses on current economic policy challenges in Eastern Europe and emerging markets. The writings are based on academic research papers or policy work.


The ambition of the FREE network is to bridge the gap between ongoing academic research and policymaking, to stimulate and contribute to the international debate as well as to intensify the interaction and discussion with other researchers, policy-makers, and business representatives across the world. 


As a member of the network KSE participates in the annual FREE Network retreats and regularly publishes policy briefs. 


About Forum for Research on Gender Economics (FROGEE)


In 2019 the FREE Network, with support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) initiated the Forum for Research on Gender Economics (FROGEE). The aim of FROGEE is to contribute to the discussion on gender inequality, with a specific focus on the region of Central and Eastern Europe. By highlighting different dimensions of gender inequality and its consequences for socio-economic development, FROGEE aims at bringing the issue of gender equality to the focus of both the general public and policymakers. These objectives are addressed through the publication of reviews and policy briefs, organization of conferences, seminars, and workshops, as well as further development of research collaboration on gender economics with other institutions. 


 As a part of FROGEE initiative, KSE professors and researchers publish policy briefs, participate in conferences, seminars and workshops and conduct research on gender issues.


The series of FROGEE Policy Briefs was launched in January 2020 with the publication “Economics of Childbearing and Pronatalist Policies”. The brief is followed by country reports presenting country-specific contexts, various policy challenges, implemented reforms and a discussion of other policy options covering childbearing.

Ukraine country report in English and in Ukrainian


KSE activities within FREE Network and FROGEE initiative: 


FREE policy briefs by KSE professors and researchers

? Do Condominiums Pay Less for Heating? 01.11.2020

? How to Liberalise EU-Ukraine Trade under DCFTA: Tariff Rate Quotas. 04.06.2020

?A Decade of Russian Cross-Domain Coercion Towards Ukraine: Letting the Data Speak. 17.02.2020

?Indexation Formula for Natural Gas Procurement in Ukraine. 10.02.2020

?How to Intensify and Diversify Ukrainian Exports? The Case of Bilateral Trade with Germany. 21.10.2019

?Effects of Civil Confrontation in Social Media. 13.05.2019

?Decentralization, E-Procurement and Efficiency of Public Procurement in Ukraine. 11.03.2019

?Labor Market Adaptation of Internally Displaced People: The Ukrainian Experience. 29.10.2018

?Is War Good for a Country’s Political Institutions?. 20.11.2015

?Non-Tariff Measures in the Context of Export Promotion Policies. 11.05.2015

?Growing Inequalities in Workplace Amenities. 8.12.2014

?Decentralization Reform in Ukraine. 8.10.2014

?The Relationship between Education and Migration. The Direct Impact of a Person’s Education on Migration. 23.06.2014

?Trust and Economic Reforms. 19.05.2014

?The relationship between education and labor market opportunities: the case of Ukraine. 10.03.2014

?The Charity of the Extremely Wealthy. 27.01.2014

?Academic Inbreeding in Ukraine. 9.12.2013

?Between East and West: Regional Trade Policy for Ukraine. 12.09.2011

All policy briefs published within FREE Network are available at https://freepolicybriefs.org/


Events organized by KSE or with KSE experts involvement:


?Conference “The Long Shadow of Transition” was held on December 16-17,2019 and organized by Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics.

?Conference “Policy Lessons After 30 Years of Research on Transition” was held on September 13, 2019 and organized by Centre for Economic Analysis (Szczecin, Poland) and the FREE Network.

?Conference on Corruption and Anti‐Corruption Policies was held on July 4-5, 2019 and organized by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development together with the International Economic Association, Kyiv School of Economics, and Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics.