KSE Foundation and UACC are launching a fundraiser to provide drones to Ukrainian defenders

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have achieved a strategic victory in the first phase of the war. The active second phase of the war is underway, and the next couple of weeks will be the most difficult for our defenders. We need to make every effort to maintain the advantage over the enemy.


To provide Ukrainian defenders with the opportunity to effectively use all available resources against the occupiers, the KSE Foundation is partnering with the UACC to raise funds for drones.


A drone is a vital air reconnaissance tool, which helps our troops locate the enemy and make pressing battlefield decisions.


“Drones can be used for target identification (e.g., coordination of artillery fire) and reconnaissance tasks (e.g., transmitting data on the enemy advance, locating targets to hit from javelins so that our fighters could strengthen their positions and prevent the enemy from advancing). But the main thing is that drones save lives since the battlefield is out in the open, and drones allow time for our soldiers to hide from Russian artillery fire,” the military expert Mariia Berlinska comments on the matter of drones.

Drones with thermal imaging capabilities will allow air reconnaissance to effectively carry out the full range of combat missions at night. There is an urgent need for such drones at the front.


The first goal of this campaign is to meet the immediate local need, which is 25 thermal imaging drones. To meet the need of one military brigade currently defending positions in the East, we want to buy an Autel Evo Dual II, which costs $180 thousand.


Together, let’s help our military quickly locate and neutralize the approaching enemy. If you would like to make a donation to this campaign, follow the link: https://kse.ua/support/donation/ (“Tactical Equipment” option)