Workshop with Oleksandr Fedotov «How to analyze competitors using digital-tools»

This event will help you to get a comprehensive view of the current trends of competition and achievements on the web.


Kyiv School of Economics and digital consulting agency Olshansky & Partners invite you to visit a workshop on analyzing competitors and the market on March 21 using digital methods and tools.

The practical workshop will help you to understand the following questions:

  • where do your competitors get traffic and customers;
  • how to calculate amount of sells of your competitors;
  • which digital tools can give you the best results;
  • what can be analyzed free of charge and on one`s own, and for what specialists are better to paid.

Oleksandr Fedotov, Deputy Head of Olshansky & Partners Digital Agency, Head of Integrated Projects, Internet Marketer will share his experience.

To visit the workshop, please register at the following link: