Data economics: how to make decisions and not to make mistaken in a fast world. Sumy

How do open data affect the economic system? Simplify or complicate?


The economic system is changing rapidly. Today data is becoming increasingly public. Personal data of clients. Mobile operators data. Internet data. Receipts from supermarkets. Medical, statistical, administrative, sociological, automatically generated and collected in polls. How do companies, organizations, governments, and people use data in their favor to make more effective decisions? Can we “read” numbers and statistics and see what they actually show?

We will look for answers to these and other questions at the lectures and discussions by Professor of Kyiv School of Economics Volodymyr Vakhitov. We will talk about:

  • why you will not be able to stay away from the modern data economy and live beyond it
  • what stories tell data
  • what are the most common mistakes in the interpretation of data

We will also discuss how to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge for this at Kyiv School of Economics and get a grant that will cover the cost of studying and staying in Kiev.

The lecture will be interesting for students in economics, finance, mathematics, engineering, sociology, engineering, and anyone who wants to understand what the data says.

About the lecturer: Volodymyr Vahitov is a professor of Kyiv School of Economics, chairman of the Expert Board of Users at the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. He received a PhD degree in economics from the University of Kentucky. Volodymyr is a specialist in processing large data, teaches econometrics, data science, economics of the city.

Date and time: March 21, 17:00.

Place: Sumy, Congress Center of Sumy State University, st. Pokrovskaya 9/1

Language: Ukrainian

Participation is free upon registration –