Artificial Intelligence for SME. Cases


Modern technologies open new opportunities for Ukrainian businesses. At the same time, there is a stereotype that the implementation of AI tools requires a lot of resources and is not possible for small and medium businesses.


In the workshop, the preconditions and practical cases of the implementation of artificial intelligence into existing businesses will be considered. The terminology and its gist will be in the focus. We will consider the dozen of examples of AI tools, and an example will be detailed step by step with programming code.


  1. What is AI and what is not? Types, structure, examples.
  2. Why AI is a game-changer for a small business?
  3. How you can improve your business using AI today?


Learning outcomes:

  • Check the list to audit existing analytics system in the company
  • Developed AI strategy




4 classes 10:00-18:00

  1. Prerequisites for the company’s maturity and management for effective AI implementation. Management features that can be enhanced by AI. Evolution of data and analytical systems. Types of analytics.
  2. Basics of statistics. Hypothesis testing. A/B tests. Statistical significance and accuracy of predictions.
  3. Tools and examples of tasks for AI in business.
  4. Solution of a practical problem with programming.

Price: UAH 3000

About the lecturer

Serhiy Khlivnenko


KSE MBAI Alumni, founder, engineering manager, and agile coach of self-organized game development teams, speaker at American Councils, Project Management day, Future management, Yep Startup Summer Camp, KSE Genesis Product School and others.

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