Marketing and Retail Analytics

MBAI program course


This course will introduce you to the concepts of marketing operations and tools of their measurement, assist you to better understand how marketing analytics can be used for improving marketing decisions and will continue your education in analysis so that you can contribute to your company’s marketing activities.
You will be exposed to many influential  North American and Ukrainian contributors to marketing analytics and to projects that will expand your expertise in your field.


Learning objectives:

This course aims to teach students how to:

  • Evaluate and test different scenarios for establishing marketing objectives and strategies to achieve them;
  • Leverage the basics of data analytics using Python, one of the most pervasive analytical tools, and apply these methods for planning and measuring demand and marketing budgets;
  • Identify the type of statistical techniques that will best help achieve the objectives;
  • Plan and act your workload for marketing analytics projects;
  • Understand the meaning and value of display, big data, and social media analytics;
  • Learn how to turn findings into insights and turn insights into actionable marketing information using the best storytelling techniques.


Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Apply statistics for solving marketing-related business problems;
  • Understand and apply various marketing analysis techniques to evaluate and interpret company marketing efforts;
  • Prepare convincing storytelling presentations and present them to senior management;
  • Create new customer segments and design programs for their targeting.


Exams & certification:
After the successful completion of the course, the participants will get a certificate.

Language: English

Price: UAH 24 000


Course outline:


Day 1:

Lecture 1 – Introduction to Marketing Analytics

  • The role of Marketing Analytics in Marketing Operations
  • Areas of Marketing Analytics which will be covered in this course
  • The similarities between Data Analytics, Econometrics and Marketing Analytics

Lecture 2 – Role of statistics in Marketing Analytics

Lecture 3- Decision-Making Theory in Marketing Analytics

  • The most common biases in the analyst’s life
  • Decision theory & statistics in Marketing Analytics

Lecture 4 – Introduction to Customer Decision Journey Mapping

  • Customer Decision Journey: Basics
  • The importance of defining Buyer Personas
  • Mapping and analyzing decision journey across touchpoints.
  • Short in-class assignment

Lecture 5–Tutorial and Team Work-Hands-on Marketing Analytics Mini-Project

Guest Speaker-TBC


Day 2:

Lecture 6–A refresher on key financial and marketing concepts

  • Return on Ad Spend, Return on Investment
  • Lifetime Value, Churn Rate
  • Customer segmentation

Lecture 7–Introduction to Digital Marketing Analytics

  • The role of digital technologies in marketing
  • Digital Marketing and Multi
  • Channel Channel Analytics

Lecture 8–Introduction to Attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling

  • The most common attribution models in digital marketing
  • The overview of marketing mix modeling (MMM)
  • In-class demonstrations


Lecture 9–Digital products for Marketing Analytics

  • Google Products for assessing marketing effectiveness
  • Statistical software for Marketers
  • CRM systems and the importance of their integration with other products


Lecture 10–Essential Excel skills for marketing analytics

  • Basics of Excel
  • Advanced Excel functionality
  • Macros application in Excel

Guest Speaker-TBC


Day 3:
Lecture 11–Introduction to Retail analytics

  • Product placement optimizations in retail
  • Modern business models and pricing techniques used in retail from a marketing standpoint

Lecture 12–Customer segmentation: theory and practice

Lecture 13–Digital marketing strategy, benchmarks, and forecast modeling

The areas of marketing analytics in a digital world

Lecture 14–Tutorial and Team Work-Hands-on Marketing Analytics Mini-Project

Lecture 15–Essential storytelling guidelines for building convincing marketing presentations

Course Wrap-Up and Discussing Course Projects

  • Course instructor guides students remotely for three weeks
  • Students submit their code, consulting report and presentation slides (marked)

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