Business Models and Digital Transformation


This course is focused on the fundamentals of digital transformation. Main goals of the course are: provide introduction to digital transformation; demonstrate importance of complex relations between strategy, operations and business models and maturity of business and/or organizations; provide insights on digital transformation levels and approaches; learn how to scope, structure and lead digital transformation initiatives.


The students will practice in prioritization of digital transformation initiatives, preparing business cases for change, as well as evaluate themselves in a complex and competitive environment at the labor market.


At the end of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Mindset focused:

Student will understand what does it mean to be in the role of Chief Transformation Officer or Leader of Changes: expectations, goals, knowledge and actions


  • Content/tech focused:

Student will be able to navigate in variety of priorities and select right priorities balance within the business; launch digital and/or IT Strategy initiatives, craft change ecosystem within an organization or business, and apply tested approaches to scoping of digital/IT component while planning transformation


  • Soft: Self focused:

Student will learn leadership styles required for transformational initiatives, reflect on own skills vs skills required by the market


  • Soft: Advisor for others focused:

Student will be able to learn best consulting practices in order to apply “trusted advisor” concept in day-to-day business operations: external, internal (core differences, steps and styles)


Language: English