KSE MDT Course: Project Management in Multi-Project Environment

11/1/2019 to 11/3/2019 from 9:30 AM to 5:50 PM ISST

The main goal of the course is to present to the students overview of Project Management as a technical part of every transformation. We will discover connections between IT Strategy and Projects' Portfolio, which will define the main difference between process, project management, and product development, will observe different approaches and frameworks that provide best fit for different objectives every manager responsible for changes.


During the course we will cover classical project management (as a basis that works for typical projects), agile including scrum and kanban (as a frameworks that help to achieve maximum team performance in software development projects), scaled agile with SAFe (as an approach to organize complex product development), and critical chain project management (CCPM) (as an universal approach to monitor projects' portfolio). As a result, students will be ready to set PMO in their companies.


Digital transformation combines interconnected activities in different parts of a company. That is why changers should understand the whole palette of available PM frameworks, understand their benefits, constraints, and issues and know how to combine them to achieve the best results.
All discussions will be focused on improving your ability to make decisions in the presence of significant uncertainty with project management tools.


Language: English

Price: UAH 24 000

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