Zagoriy Foundation became a strategic partner of KSE



Zagoriy Foundation contributes to the development of health care, Ukrainian culture and education, as well as charity itself. Zagoriy Foundation joined the initiative group, through which Ukraine joined the international charity movement Giving Tuesday, which was called Generous Tuesday in Ukraine.


Zagoriy Foundation supported Kyiv School of Economics in the following areas:


  • Support for talented youth enrolled in the “Talent in Business and Economics” educational program implemented by the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
  • Supporting the development of a joint program in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics at the Kyiv School of Economics and Shevchenko Kyiv National University.
  • Support for the Entrepreneurship Program for ATO veterans


“We are very honored to receive support from Zagoriy Foundation. First of all, it enables KSE to develop and educate a new generation of students. Secondly, this support is a testament to the KSE’s credibility. For us, this is a signal that our work is needed and important. When we work with organizations that share our values ​​and are ready to help with our ideas and mission realization, it adds inspiration and desire to move forward, ”- Olesya Verchenko, Vice President of Economic Education, Kyiv School of Economics.



“One of the Zagoriy Foundation activities is an educational culture development. Therefore, we support those who can be considered  “role models”. And, of course, Kiev School of Economics is one such example.



We believe that knowledge is the most valuable currency. That positive changes are the consequence of the society development. And Kyiv School of Economics is a place where you can get all the tools to move yourself forward.

Therefore, it is an honor for us to be strategic partners. ”- Evgeniya Mazurenko, Director of Zagoriy Foundation.


We are proud to partner with Zagoriy Foundation and are confident that our collaboration will bring real results in the form of high-quality education for talented people.