Lecturer of Mathematics

In 2021, KSE started 3 undergraduate programs, Business Economics, Economics and Big Data, and Software Development and Business Analysis. The academic year in KSE is divided into 5 two-month miniterms. Normally, the students learn 3 courses at once, allowing them to concentrate better on the material. The studies start in Ukrainian, starting from year 2, the language of instruction is English.


The preferable mode of studies is offline, nevertheless, in accordance with circumstances, KSE ensures that the students are able to study online and asynchronously. KSE cooperates with Coursera and EdX, giving its students the opportunity to take courses and to obtain certificates from the leading universities for their successful career.


The mathematical part of the curriculum includes the following topics: 

  • Pre-calculus 
  • Calculus 
  • Linear Algebra 
  • Discrete Mathematics 
  • Probability theory and Statistics
  • Regression analysis.


You will be asked to teach 3 to 4 mathematical courses per academic year (up to 20 ECTS) and, upon agreement, to assist in your colleagues’ courses. 

The typical teaching load is 8-10 academic hours per week. Apart from your teaching duties, you may be asked to supervise (serve as a mentor) for students’ projects and/or term papers. 



  • Experience of teaching mathematical courses for students of non-mathematical majors
  • Strong command of English and ability to teach in it effectively



  • PhD degree in Mathematics or Economics
  • Sound scientific record
  • Experience in practical application of mathematical methods



  • Cover letter wherein the reasons for applying, qualifications in relation to the position, and intentions and visions for the position are stated.
  • Teaching statement describing your teaching approach and listing the mathematical topics you will be able to teach 
  • CV with a list of publications
  • Teaching portfolio with a list of teaching completed (please state role, scope, type and level), experience of course management, pedagogical courses completed. 


You may also provide recommendation letters and results of students’ feedback for your recent teaching activities.