Kyiv School of Economics and VoxUkraine have become strategic partners

We are glad to announce strategic partnership between the Kyiv School of Economics and VoxUkraine!

This partnership will allow to realize synergies between organizations, including:


  • Increasing media presence of KSE faculty and researchers
  • Raising the quality of VoxUkraine content with an expertise of KSE people
  • Producing more joint content and conducting special projects.


There are the following adjustments in governing bodies:


  • Namely, Oleksandr Zholud, member of the Supervisory Board of VoxUkraine, joins the KSE Board of Directors, and Ilona Sologoub, CEO of VoxUkraine, becomes a member of the KSE Management Team.


  • Also from now on, Peter Chernyshov, director of the KSE Board of Directors and Yegor Grygorenko, partner at Bain&Co, chair of the KSE Board of Directors become new members to the VoxUkraine Supervisory Board.


  • And new members of VoxUkraine General Assembly are Tymofiy Brik, KSE Professor, editor of VoxUkraine Editorial Board, Yegor Grygorenko, partner at Bain&Co, chair of the KSE Board of Directors and Oleg Nivievskyi, KSE Professor, editor of VoxUkraine Editorial Board.


VoxUkraine is an independent analytical platform founded in 2014, after the Revolution of Dignity, by a team of highly experienced economists and lawyers based in Ukraine and abroad.


As well as KSE, VoxUkraine has an educational component: engages in a variety of research and economic activities, publishes an online magazine on economics, and develops a number of educational programs. One of the common projects is Centre for Excellence of Economic Journalism found by KSE, VoxUkraine, Visa and ICU.


VoxUkraine mission is to improve the level of the economic debate in Ukraine. Team believes this will improve the quality of economic decisions in Ukraine and have a positive impact on the welfare of millions of its citizens.


Found in 1996, Kyiv School of Economics is a world-class academic institution ranking among top schools in Europe. Main goal is to improve economic, business, and policymaking environments in Ukraine by raising new generations of world-class economists, governers and managers, who will become future transformational leaders.