Darya Shepetko on foreign educational system and her life as a SSE student

In 2019, KSE and the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga launched the International Bachelor’s Program in Economics and Entrepreneurship. Within this framework, we offer a three-year bachelor’s program in Economics and Entrepreneurship at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

This year, four students from Ukraine entered the program and we asked them why it is necessary to choose study abroad sometimes and about the features of this particular program. Today we introduce you to the SSE student Darya Shepetko.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Daria. Prior to my bachelor’s degree, I studied at the Specialized School # 16 in Kyiv, where we studied English profoundly. In addition to my academic background, I also love everything connected to aesthetics and creativity: ballet, creative photography.


Why did you choose to study abroad?

On the one hand, I realized that ukrainian education system could not give me what I wanted. The people around are really important to me. On the other hand, a greater factor was my desire to gain experience in an intercultural environment, the opportunity to learn English and the desire to become independent from my parents, to challenge myself.


Where did you get to know about this program?

Very unexpectedly: I was looking for different opportunities to enter European educational institutions, found an article about the ukrainian student who attended Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. I was very interested in this article, so I went to the university’s website: the more I read about it, the more I realized that it impressed me.


Why did you choose this program?

Until recently, I chose between different universities, because I was admitted to several institutions. At first I chose with my mind, and at the last stage – the heart. What I liked most was that the program was quite diverse and gave me the opportunity to try many different directions. Second, the program focuses not only on theory but also on practice: compulsory practice after the first and second courses, practical courses for the development of important skills and an exchange program.


Describe the general impressions of the educational process, students, teachers, city. What surprised you and impressed you, maybe you didn’t like something?

What I immediately felt was the huge difference between approach and attitude to learning. Unlike Ukraine, everything here is aimed at personal development and goals achievement. Mistakes are encouraged because it is a good chance to think about what you are doing wrong, change your approach, and even become better than those who have not made mistakes or taken the course the first time. I was also pleasantly surprised that each freshman is given a mentor here, a mentor who can give you advice, support, and just enjoyable conversation. This is an incredibly useful thing that is unfortunately not available in Ukraine. Teaching methods are also completely different: lecturers do not simply provide theoretical material, but try to make students interested in a topic that would seem boring at first, they immediately show where the theory can be put into practice. As for the city, it is incredibly beautiful: every morning on my way to university, I love to look at the facades of buildings, to notice more and more details. Students in the SSE are very  friendly. We constantly organize different events, parties that bring us together. Living in a hostel is also great: it is interesting to get acquainted with the traditions of different nations.


What tips can you give to those who are interested in the program and are planning to join?

I advise not to be afraid to apply, because you can get a scholarship. The main thing is to show your motivation.



You can learn more about the program by following a link: https://kse.ua/en/kse-program/bachelor/

We will be also glad to answer all your questions: 067-434-71-63 (Telegram).

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