During the week, the damage caused to Ukraine’s infrastructure in the war increased by at least $8.4 billion

During the week, the damage caused to Ukraine’s infrastructure in the war started by Russia increased by at least $8.4 billion. On March 17, this amount was 1.8 trillion hryvnias or $62.7 billion. Compared to the previous estimate published on March 10, the amount of losses increased by 330 billion hryvnias or $8.4 billion.

This data is from the analysis of the project “Russia will pay” realized by the KSE Institute team (think tank of the Kyiv School of Economics) and volunteers from partner organizations: Center for Economic Strategy and “Prozorro.Sale”.

According to the KSE Institute, since the beginning of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine on February 24, at least 411 educational institutions, 36 health care facilities, 1,600 residential buildings, 26 factories / storages, 15 airports, 6 thermal power stations / hydroelectric power stations, etc. 6 TPPs / HPPs, etc. were damaged, destroyed or captured. In addition, more than 15,000 kilometers of roads, 5,000 kilometers of railways were “lost”, 350 bridges and bridge crossings were destroyed, etc.

This data is based on an analysis of several thousand reports from citizens, the government, and local authorities about losses and damage across the country.

These estimates are not comprehensive, as the information on numerous damages and destructions may be missing due to the lack of possibility of citizens, local and state authorities to promptly record the damage in each city, town, villages, etc. Also, this assessment does not include information about damage of natural resources, livestock farming, reserves of companies (in warehouses, shops, etc.), movable property, military property, property of telecom operators, etc. caused by hostilities, mining.

Every citizen can also provide information about the loss of physical infrastructure, including residential buildings, as a result of the war. For this, the KSE Institute team has created a resource “Russia will pay” (https://damaged.in.ua/), where everyone  can add information about the damage to buildings, businesses, roads and other facilities.

The website https://damaged.in.ua/ was launched jointly with the Office of the President and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. The aim of this project is to collect information about damaged objects during the war started by Russia against Ukraine. This information will later be used by the Ukrainian government as evidence in international courts to force Russia to compensate damages.

For information to be used, it must be reliable and structured. In particular, it is necessary to fill the form on the portal in as much detail as possible, add videos and photos of the object and, if possible, the contacts of witnesses.

Information about damages can also be submitted via the chatbot https://t.me/Damage_in_ua_bot.

The resources https://damaged.in.ua/ already contains information collected by the KSE team and volunteers about the damages of physical infrastructure and residential buildings since the beginning of the war.

Anyone who provides information about the destruction via https://damaged.in.ua/ or chatbot https://t.me/Damage_in_ua_bot  will be guaranteed data confidentiality. Also, information about specific destructions will not be published. Only generalized statistics will be publicly available during martial law.

The assessment is built according to the following methodology:

– In the absence of information on the degree of damage / destruction of each of the objects, the calculation is based on the assumption that all objects are completely destroyed;

– For objects for which the market / average balance value can be established, the available public data on the average value of similar objects were taken into account (in particular, for state and municipal property – auction data in the Prozorro.Sale system);

– The value of fixed assets of the beginning of 2021 is taken for the identified enterprises;

– For objects whose market value is unknown (infrastructure objects, bridges, railway stations, etc.), the data of relevant authorities (Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Economy, etc.) were taken into account;

– Regarding residential real estate, – because of the lack of information about most types of damaged buildings (private / multi-storey building), the estimate is based on the assumption that 30% of damaged / destroyed housing stock is multi-storey buildings; 70% – private houses. At the same time, to estimate the value of damaged / destroyed houses, it was assumed that the average area of a private house is 100 square meters; the average number of apartments in a multi-storey building – 100, the average area of these apartments is 50 square meters; the average cost of construction of 1 square meter of residential real estate – $ 500.