The first classes of MBAI students

October 25

The MBAI students began their classes on October 25. We would like to share with you our impressions after visiting the classroom.

Business Administration in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics program logically begins with Statistical Analysis for Business, taught by Prof. Tetyana Marynych and Data Management taught by Prof. Veronika Tamayo Flores.

Students dived in MS Excel and the R programming language to find the data insights, reveal patterns.

The main aims of the course are to develop “data-analytic” thinking enabling students evaluating how data can improve performance, identify opportunities, and assist in decision making, as well as critically evaluate the results of the existing literature.

For ensuring smooth entry to the Statistics we have proposed our students to take pre-courses in Statistics and Mathematics at KSE before the beginning of the classes.

On the Data Management classes, Prof. Veronika Tamayo Flores considered types of Data, Databases and their types made an overview of SQL, NoSQL, HDFS and cloud storage.

The course itself is focused on the core skills needed to understand the importance of data as one of the core resources for the organization. Moreover, it helps students to understand how to build core data infrastructure inside the company and how to manage it properly.

We wish our students to be strong and persistent with taking new knowledge.