Theoretical and practical course on project management was completed in Poltava

June 7, 2019

Last week a theoretical and practical education course on project management, implemented by KSE within the “Integrated development of Ukrainian cities” GIZ-initiated project was completed in Poltava.


Within 6 months, the participants’ teams have been learning and practically applying project management elements, exploring ideas and working on developing projects to improve their hometown.


During the course, participants were able to acquire knowledge of strategy, project management, finance, operational planning and hone presentation skills of their own ideas.


Project teams’ persistence and motivation demonstrate that Ukrainian cities are capable of transformation and are ready to initiate and implement relevant and useful ideas.


As a result, six great teams have been formed. They started the implementation of the following ideas:


  1.    The website “Why to Poltava?..”. Increasing the tourist flow and revenue part of the city budget, ensuring sustainable development of the city.
  2. E-mobility. Creation of an interactive map of Poltava, where users can mark obstacles for low-mobility groups (pits, potholes, lack of ramps, high barriers, etc.). The project aims to solve city movement problem for the low-mobility groups.
  3.  “Where to go?” And how to get there?” Providing schedule information, directions of traffic, the location of cultural and tourist attractions, the location of medical facilities, government agencies, locations and names of bus stops.
  4. Improvement of urban mobility. Implementation of the speed warning system of the vehicle “36.6” and the introduction of a city uniform standard for drivers, conductors, and controllers in public transport.
  5. Development of a communal industrial park concept.
  6. Creation of city tourism and promotion department. The objectives of the project are the development of promising tourism types, use of historical and cultural heritage benefits, providing accessible and attractive places for quality recreation and sports, organization of regular events at the regional and national levels and development of health tourism and rehabilitation services.


Kyiv School of Economics is pleased to join and share developed expertise to improve Ukrainian society and strengthen the urban communities.


We wish Poltava further success and continue actively working on the program in Chernivtsi.