KSE Graduate Business School became an AACSB member

14 April 2022

In March 2022 KSE Graduate Business School became a member of the AACSB (Association for the Development of University Business Schools). 

AACSB is a part of the so-called “Triple Crown” alongside AMBA and EFMD – international organizations that bring together faculty, s tudents, and business.


What are the advantages and what does it mean for KSE Graduate Business School?

  1. 1. Recognition of KSE MBA diplomas in Europe and the USA and a strong reputation in the international higher education market. Such membership requires the school’s constant improvement, which makes it competitive in both the Ukrainian and global business education markets.
  2. 2. Exchange of experience and the opportunity to join the best world practices, to gain advanced knowledge in various fields of business and science. Separate platforms have been created for students, graduates and teachers, uniting all members of the association from different schools. These are new career opportunities, cultural exchange and partnership building.
  3. 3. Opportunity to join the global movement for the transformation of education and society, the opportunity to speak out and take an active part in life of the world.
  4. 4. The creation of a new educational elite in Ukraine – through encouragement and unlimited access to better knowledge within our country with further perspectives of bringing higher education to a new level. 


“Joining KSE Business School to the AACSB is not only a sign of good quality of KSE. It also allows you to gain new experience, attract new guest speakers, and organize internships.
I appreciate this exciting opportunity and hope that soon our students can become a strong part of the global business community. ”-  MBA student, Lutskyi Mykhailo.

It is a great honor and responsibility for all the team of KSE Graduate Business school to realize how fast we have changed and to keep maintaining our high standards.