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KSE Business School was established in the 2015 year with the launching of the MBA program. Since that the portfolio of the Business School included long-term accredited programs and tailored made decisions for companies.


Now KSE Graduate Business School keeps working to support the Ukrainian economy, our businesses and provide relevant education for our students. We keep operating and will focus on projects aimed at restoring the economy, renewing leaders-oriented education in Ukraine, teaching emergency-managers at all levels, whom Ukraine needs right now – in business, local governments, education, security, medicine etc. We continue studying for two MBA groups of our students.

Currently, business school continue its main activities in the field of business education. We are currently teaching according to the optimized program of the MBA group and the MBA in Digital Transformation.


In 2021, KSE was recognized as the best business education institution according to the Forbes rating https://mba.kse.ua/tpost/ia2vkibfg1-kivska-shkola-ekonomki-ocholila-reiting


The MBA program combines the courses required for a modern leader/entrepreneur: Leadership, Operations Management, Strategic Marketing, and others. Details of the MBA program can be found here:  https://kse.ua/ua/mba-on-the-frontline/

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Iсторії від наших студентів

Iсторії від наших студентів

Iсторії від наших студентів