Tetyana Marinich

PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Complex Systems Modeling, Sumy State University

Biography: Tetyana worked as a senior position in banking for 7 years. After that, she engaged in research activities and got her Ph.D. in Economics. Now Tetyana is a Lecturer at Sumy State University. Her researches relate to the scientific area of Econometric modeling and forecasting of macroeconomic and regional aspects of sustainable development and financial stability of Ukraine’s economy.


Education: Ukrainian Banking Academy, Ph.D. in Economics. Sumy State University, Sumy. Postgraduate Study for Specialty; State Higher Educational Institution “Ukrainian Banking Academy”, Specialist in Finance. University of Duke, USA: Fulbright Program for Teachers. Troy State University, USA: FSA ACTR / ACCELS Student Exchange Program.


Expertise: Applied Econometrics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Operations Research, Mathematical Programming, Informatics, Business Processes Modeling.